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The Cookie Policy effective date is April 17, 2020.

Read this Cookie Policy along with the Fund by Cell Privacy Policy. Fund by Cell reserves the right to change, modify or delete these policies from time to time as a condition of the continuing use of the System. Accordingly, you should refer back to this section periodically to understand any changes.

Please do not use the Fund by Cell service if you do not agree with any of these policies. Fund by Cell (also defined as "We" or "Us") uses automated data collection mechanisms such as cookies when the service is used.

Technologies Used for Tracking

Fund by Cell uses local storage objects (LSO's) such as HTML5 to remember the general location of a donor while in the process of engaging the donation service. Some of the third parties with whom we form a commercial relationship or partnership ("Partners") also may use LSO’s to track, store information and gather data about your use of the site, including user behavior, activities, patterns and the like.

Fund by Cell and/or its Partners collect information automatically and stores the information in various secure forms. The type of information is broad, and may include operating systems, date and time stamps, browser types, internet service providers (ISP), pages that brought you to the site and exit pages, internet protocol address (IP), and/or click data. All information we gather on you is collected, cross-referenced, and generally used to build a profile of your use, patterns, and preferences.

Both Fund by Cell and our marketing affiliates and or partners may use scripts, tags and cookies to determine and track user movement around the website, and also obtain, store, collect, aggregate and use general demographic information about all user behavior.

Cookies are also used to remember user authentication and various settings. Users can control how cookies are used through the various browsers the user uses. If users reject the use of cookies some features and functionality will not be enabled or active. Our platform does not respond to any "stop tracking" or "do not track" that you may turn on through your browser.


"Cookies" or "pixel tags", "GIF's", or "web beacons", are small pieces of software that help Fund by Cell know how you are engaging with the website and with emails. Cookies allow us to store information about you gathered from your browsing and usage while on the Fund by Cell site.

When you come to our web site, our software sends a cookie to your device, which allows us to know who you are in the future and to recognize you during your current visit. Some of these tags and cookies are provided by us, and some may be provided by our Partners. Fund by Cell uses cookies for security to determine activities that may not be allowed by our various Terms and Conditions. Cookies can also protect your account. Cookies are also used for localization, to display the correct services and functionality that are meaningful and useful to you, to improve general performance, and to authenticate users when logged into Fund by Cell.

Contact Information

Contact us with any questions you have at [email protected] or at (415) 997-0200, or by mail at 5610A Granny White Pike, Brentwood, TN 37027.

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