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Tax Deductibility

We are NOT Responsible for Your Tax Documentation

Certain donations and gifts to qualified charitable organizations may be tax deductible. However, Fund by Cell does not determine the tax qualifications of any campaigns listed on the website. You should assume in general that your donations are not tax-deductible.

If you are donating to a group that you believe is a qualified charitable organization, you can ask that the organization to provide you with the information from the IRS or other credentialing organizations (typically in the form of a Letter of Determination from the IRS confirming the tax-exempt status).

The charity may or may not send you a receipt that you can use for your tax returns since each charity operates differently.Therefore, it is your sole responsibility to verify the tax status of all recipient groups and get the proper documentation if you feel that your donation to a charity might be tax deductible. Fund by Cell does not work directly with charities to provide any of these documents.

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