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This Terms & Conditions was last updated on April 24, 2020

"Fund by Cell" and "fundbycell" (or us, our, we) provides services through a web site found at (the "Site") and through web and mobile services. All related services are collectively called "Services." The technology that is used to facilitate all of this is called the "Platform." All usage of the Services are subject to the Terms and Conditions noted here. Important information is also contained in our Privacy Policy and Cookies Sections and Safety Policy.

We may change these Terms and Conditions or any policy at any time. We will note the changes in the appropriate section on the Fund by Cell web site. We may communicate with users via email, direct mail, phone calls, or any reasonable means of communication. Users will be subject to all changes in Terms and Conditions when they are made, without limitation.

Donors and individuals or organizations that choose to use the platform to raise money ("Campaign Organizers") should review the Fee Section carefully. When a Campaign Organizer establishes a giving opportunity through the Platform, that opportunity is called a "Campaign."

Services: Our Services are offered as a Platform to allow Donors to choose to make a donation to a Campaign.

A donor wishing to make a contribution to a Campaign will set up an account and become a "Registered User."

Campaigns are not charities. This means that when you make a donation to a Campaign the amount of your money is not necessarily tax-deductible. However you may contact the Campaign to inquire if your donation will be deemed tax deductible and you may request documentation to this effect. It is your responsibility to inquire about tax deductible donations before you make a donation.

If you are seeking to start a Campaign and you are a non-profit charity registered in the United States we require you to email us at [email protected] and we will seek certain documentation from you. Once we receive and analyze the documentation we may add a notation to your Campaign's Fund by Cell web campaign page noting that it appears that your organization is a registered charity doing business in the United States.

What is the Fund by Cell role? We are not a charity, a non-profit, a financial institution, a broker, an insurance company or a creditor. We provide a Platform to allow individuals to set up a Campaign in order to receive donations, and a Platform to allow individuals to make a donation to a Campaign. We are not a party to any transaction. We have no control over how the funds will be used. We have not conducted due diligence on any Campaign. We have not reviewed the information posted by Campaign Organizers about their Campaigns. We have no control over the conduct of any Campaign Organizer. We disclaim all liability.

We do not guarantee that any Campaign will raise money. We not endorsed any Campaign. We have no knowledge if the information posted is accurate. We expressly disclaim any responsibility or liability for any Campaign or the outcome of its purpose. Donors must conduct your due diligence and be 100% comfortable with the Campaign before donating funds to it.

We take fraud and misleading information serious. If you think we should investigate any Campaign please notify us at [email protected]. We will investigate.

Campaign Organizers are warranting and representing that all information provided is true, accurate, fairly explains the reason for the donation and the eventual uses and there is nothing that will misrepresent or defraud potential donors. You are certifying that the funds will be used for the stated purpose in the Campaign description on the web site. You must comply with all laws - local, city, state, county, federal, corporate when you are soliciting funds - it is your responsibility to comply with all laws regarding soliciting donations. We will provide law enforcement with information related to your Campaign.

All Donors are requested to register for an account. All Campaign Organizers are required to register to operate a Campaign. In both cases you are certifying that everything you state is true and fair and not misleading. You must truthfully identify yourself and not use an alias. Your photos must be of yourself and of your campaign. You also must be over 18 year of age to use the Service.

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