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One of Fund by Cell’s top priorities is having a safe and secure site. This focus is a combination of using security devices that encrypt any data used or transmitted through our site, having policies in place to help ensure that those who use the site follow basic procedures and rules, and having a qualified team of staff at Fund by Cell who can respond to situations as they arise.

We understand it is important to be proactive in screening for problems in trust and safety and we work hard at this. However, not every project or campaign will go as planned. In some cases persons or groups will act improperly or try to create a fraudulent campaign. You should do your own due diligence before contributing funds to anyone or to any organization.

Do you see anything suspicious? If so tell us and tell the Fund by Cell community!

We monitor information from our system, but encourage our customers to report suspicious activities to [email protected] or call us at (415) 997-0200 if you see things that seem unusual or usurious. We want to know!

Read all material and use your own judgement before contributing any money.

Does the campaign pitch make sense, sound legitimate and reasonable? Have you looked on the internet for information that confirms the campaign’s claims? Be thoughtful and careful with your donations. If campaigns are not explicit and transparent do not donate your funds. Why are they trying to raise money? What is their experience? Do you really know who they are? Do the photos and/or videos relate to the fundraising effort, and give credence to the campaign story? Are other web links available for you to verify check the campaign? Again, if you have questions do not donate. These are just a few questions you should ask yourself.

In the end always look into any campaign and try to cross reference materials to ensure they are legitimate.You can email the campaign contact person directly to ask questions and should not hesitate to do so. Check back frequently for news and updates.

What should you do if you are setting up a fundraising campaign to raise donations?

Be honest about everything you claim.

Always provide as much information as you can—transparency and over-communication are key.

Don't be overly solicitous – potential donors will not trust you. So be forthcoming with everything and 100% honest. Tell them about what you hope to do with the money – be precise, honest and exact.

Make sure to include a discussion of the risks if the campaign or intended use of the funds is uncertain.

Provide Information to Fund by Cell.

We do not investigate any campaign. We rely on the crowdfunding community – people like you -- to help identify campaigns that need to be analyzed.

We will read all the reports of suspicious activity and take appropriate action if there is enough support. Resulting actions might be contacting the campaign owner, or even suspending the campaign. Fund by Cell reserves the right to remove a campaign, suspend it, freeze any pending donations or any other actions that are in the Terms and Conditions. That is our right and obligation. So if a campaign is suspicious, we may suspend it without warning.

Some basic suggestions:

Protect your information. Be careful with passwords and information and change your passwords frequently.

Do not share sensitive data. Be careful of "phishing" scams. Read all of Fund by Cell terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Safety, and other information. Never share information like bank account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers or sensitive data.

Be mindful about which information you post in public parts of the internet, and keep sensitive data secure.

What kind of projects may be allowed in the Fund by Cell platform:

All campaigns on our Platform must comply with the rules and the Terms of Use. You may not create campaigns that violate our rules. Campaigns may be required to have an end date or target fundraising period. All campaigns must be honest and ethical and only provide truthful information.

Charities can use the platform to raise money. However, individuals cannot start a campaign and say they are going to give the money to a charity unless the campaign is a sponsored campaign through our Partners.. There is a separate, manual process to getting non-profits and charities set up on the platform. You will see branding by the charity at the top of the campaign page if the campaign is managed by that charity.

Important securities laws must be complied with at the federal level and each state where a donation is solicited. Generally, campaigns cannot offer a financial incentive to donate, such as a share of ownership in their business.

However, if you are a registered charity with Fund by Cell, we can help you register with WePay. We are providing support, but cannot be held responsible with charities or non- profit’s actions or the ultimate use of the funds.

In order to create a Fund by Cell Certified Charity campaign, if you are a charity, you must provide your documents for 501(c)(3) to Fund by Cell. Please contact our team at [email protected] and include a copy of your Letter of Determination, issued by the IRS. Or simply call us or (415) 997-0200 and we will guide you through the process.

Note: Churches may also include a Form 990, W-9, or SS-4 if a Letter of Determination is not available.

If you are a Donor:

If you are donating to a charitable campaign, do not assume your donation is tax deductible even if the campaign claims it is a not-for profit. Not all not-for profit organizations have tax-exempt status, and some that do have tax-exempt status do not qualify for tax deductible donations (such as political organizations).

It is your responsibility to contact the campaign and request documentation provide you with enough information to determine your donation is tax deductible. Please contact the charity or non-profit directly.

Partial list of prohibited campaigns Items:*

  1. Any campaign that is illegal or greatly regulated
  2. Dangerous projects
  3. Financial, processing of money, or credit related services
  4. Political fundraising
  5. Food or drinks in the energy category
  6. Anything to do with weapons
  7. Gambling, coupons, raffles or contests
  8. Anything offensive or hate related
  9. Pornography
  10. Anything that purports to cure or treat an illness or sickness or medical condition
  11. Nicotine, vape products, tobacco, drugs, alcohol
  12. You cannot resell other people’s products or services
  13. If you have questions about whether your campaign is prohibited, contact us immediately before you start.
  14. *This is not an exhaustive list; we reserve the right to add additional prohibitions at any time.

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