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This Privacy Policy was last updated on March 11, 2016

Information collected through cookies: We will collect Personal Data from you through cookies only if you give us permission to do so. Sometimes when you use Fund by Cell, the computers that we use to host our services will send a small piece of information called a "cookie" to your web browser. We send cookies in order to improve the performance of our Services, including improving your user experience as well as allowing us to better analyze how our Services are used. If you wish to turn cookies off, you will need to do so through your web browser – most web browsers include a "help" section which can guide you through this process as well as setting up options such as receiving a notification anytime your computer is being sent a new cookie. However, for the purpose of improving your user experience, we recommend that you allow your browser to accept cookies from Fund by Cell. For example, one cookie that Fund by Cell may send your browser allows you to stay signed in to your Fund by Cell account once you have signed in on a visit, rather than having to sign in multiple times during a visit to our Site.

Mobile devices: If you choose, you may utilize the Services by using a mobile device. We offer both mobile applications and websites that are optimized for mobile use. Any information that we collect through your use of the Services using a mobile device is subject to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, and this Privacy Policy will be referenced in all of Fund by Cell's mobile applications and mobile-optimized websites.

Changes to your personal information: Please contact us if you need to update or correct the Personal Data you have shared with us, and we will take reasonable steps to update or correct your Personal Data in our possession. You may contact us to ask us to correct, update, amend or remove your Personal Data, or to ask us to remove your Personal Data either by making changes to your data through your user account "Settings" page or by emailing us at . You may also choose to stop using the Services, in which case you may contact us via email at and we will delete the account for you within 30 days. As long as your account is active or as long as the information is necessary to provide you with the services, we will retain your Personal Data. We will also store and use your Personal Data as long as it is necessary to enforce our agreements, resolve disputes, comply with our legal obligations, or as it is necessary for other business purposes.

Use of your Personal Data

In this section we will enumerate ways in which we use your data. (In the following sections we will describe the specific types of data that are kept private, shared with other users, or available to the public.) Uses of your personal data include:

  • Allowing us to identify you when you sign in to your account;
  • Providing you with our services;
  • Administering your account;
  • Contacting you to respond to questions and comments you submit when using our Services;
  • Showing you projects that we think are likely to be of interest to you. Which projects we highlight for you is based on your location and how you have previously used our Services;
  • Fund by Cell or its affiliates may send you marketing communications that we think you may find useful. You may also ask us at any time to remove your name from our mailing lists by emailing ' and making this request;
  • Analyzing data collected from Fund by Cell site visitors and the use of Services in order to improve the Services we provide;
  • Additional purposes which we will share with you when we request information from you.

Email contact: Our goal is to limit our email contact with you to only communications that you wish to receive. We allow you to choose whether to receive communications including announcements about changes to the Services, newsletters, and marketing communications. We also send a limited number of emails to communicate about your personal transactions. Furthermore, we may occasionally need to send you Service-related notices, including notices required by law, which you consent to receiving by email rather than by postal mail. Some Service-related notices you will not be able to opt out of. If you would like support in changing your email preferences, please contact us at '

Third Party Personal Data: We may use Third Party Personal Data which you provide to us if you choose to use any feature of Fund by Cell which involves you communicating with a third party. We may gather Third Party Personal Data either through you sharing specific data with us, or through accessing Third Party Personal Data stored in your possession such as a contact list on your mobile device. By sharing Third Party Personal Data with us, you are acknowledging and agreeing that we may use this data for purposes including:

  • Contacting the third party with the data you have provided us with;
  • Offering you a message template to aid your communication with the third party;
  • Sending occasional reminders or relevant messages to the third party (as well as to you);
  • For example: when you create a campaign, you can invite others to join your campaign team in order to be able to help your campaign. When you invite a person for this purpose, we will ask you to provide us with this person's email address, which we will collect and use to send an email inviting them to join your campaign team;
  • Please note that each communication that we send to a third party using Third Party Personal Data will include an option to "opt-out" from receiving future communication from us; and
  • Please note that any third party who we have sent communications to may contact us at ' to request that we delete their email address.

Use of non-identifiable information: Through various technologies and your use of Fund by Cell, we passively collect and store personally non-identifiable data, which means that it cannot be linked to you personally. This information may be stored in databases owned and maintained by Fund by Cell, our affiliates, our agents, or our service providers. With this aggregate data, which includes no personal data, we track information such as our visitors' ISP domain names, how many visitors there are to each page of our Site, and how many visitors there are total to our Site.

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